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Conduct Fire Safety Training Activities in Tianjin Binang

发布时间:2018-09-27 09:13:38

On the morning of September 26, Tianjin Bingang Electroplating Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. invited Gaoshunpeng to organize fire safety knowledge training activities in the conference hall of the base business activity center. About 60 people from the company's workshop safety department and Tianjin Bingang staff attended the training.

Before the start of the event, the management director, Zhengxiaoming, expressed sincere thanks to the companies in the park that gave the 5th National Electroplating Park Construction and Operation Seminar care and support on behalf of Tianjin Bingang! In addition, Zheng emphasized that the level of park management, environmental management, and enterprise management must take a new step. Enterprises in the park should take concrete actions to promote the harmonious development of economic benefits and environmental protection. Facing the coming national day holiday, Zheng director clear request: during the holiday period, each enterprise in the park should arrange to stay on duty personnel, do a good job in safety precautions to ensure the safety of business people, property and goods during the holiday period.

The fire safety awareness training activities are divided into seven parts:

First, the type of fire and the reasons for its formation;
Second, self-help and correct escape methods;
Third, how to prevent fire and eliminate safety hazards;
Fourth, for enterprises in all walks of life to conduct fire explanation;
Response measures in case of fire and ways to reduce casualties and property losses;
Proper use of fire fighting equipment;

Interpretation of the Fire Law.

The training activities popularized the knowledge of fire safety, improved the fire safety awareness of various enterprises in the park, and also played a positive role in the comprehensive fire safety work in the park to prevent the occurrence of various types of fire accidents

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