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Tianjin coastal port of electroplating industry base, is always based on the national twelfth five-year development planning, taking Beijing, tianjin and hebei industrial structure adjustment and environmental protection enterprise, transfer the overall deployment, but also in accordance with the requirements of tianjin urban planning and design, as the marina industry layout of tianjin port supporting industries, high casting industrial park in adhere to the "scientific planning, rational layout, people-oriented, green development, industrial upgrading and mass transfer efficiency and two fusion, improve supporting" under the premise of the four principles, on September 17, 2015 and guangdong huizhou jinmao industrial investment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "jin MAO industrial") formally signed cooperation, with the help of a stream environmental protection electroplating industrial park ten years mature intensive electroplating park management experience, to adapt to the electroplating industrial structure in beijing-tianjin-hebei region, using the unified planning, unified construction, unified operation management mode, implement within the base on electroplating enterprise centralized management of wastewater, waste gas concentration monitoring, waste residue concentration control three problems of normative management.
Base will house after the production of military industry, aerospace, aviation, automobile, electronics and other advanced manufacturing enterprises, the total investment will reach 10 billion yuan, the gross industrial output value of nearly 10 billion yuan/year.

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