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Ⅰ.administrative regulations

Base of each enterprise daily affairs accept and reply by service center, makes every effort to service enterprises, standardize the order of enterprise daily management, each enterprise should be in the labor management and three wastes management, fire management, safety production management, property management to cooperate.
1, enterprise YuanHou should be timely to the company legal representative, environmental protection, head of production, production safety responsibility, contact the head of the park appointment letter and contact (build official seal) in written form to the service center, so that can service center through the information platform to each enterprise all kinds of notice sending information in a timely manner.
2, each enterprise in the process of production and business operation as a transaction need to contact the base, including data for internal transformation, application and other related affairs, need base coordinate enterprise build official seal in the form of a written application to service center, service center will be effected according to the working process to coordinate for attention and reply.
3, each enterprise must strictly comply with the requirements of the base vehicle in and out of the examination management, vehicle should handle the base vehicle pass enterprise belongs to, when registration shall provide the owner copy of id card, driving license, vehicle photos, copy of vehicle registration (build official seal), a free pass vehicles enter the base can be registered, but when the base should accept routine check. The enterprise shall not transfer the pass of the vehicle to the external vehicle, and it shall confiscate all the documents of the enterprise upon discovery.
4. Companies should purchase unified staff labels from base.
5. The company shall supply electricity to the enterprises in the park, and the enterprises shall save water and electricity, and check the water and electricity consumption with the base at regular intervals.
6, each enterprise has an obligation to base green, forest, grass for management and maintenance, and shall have the duty to maintain good public regional health enterprise belongs to, including exterior wall, interior wall, stair and handrail, smallpox, workshop, elevator capsules, etc., before and after the base will regularly check for each regional health status to which the enterprise belongs to, the poor health status of enterprises will be announced in the base of public propaganda window.
7. The public facilities provided by the base shall be under the obligation of all enterprises to conduct daily management and maintenance; The production and living waste produced by enterprises must be dumped into the designated garbage collection point to ensure the clean and orderly base of the base, and enterprises shall not arbitrarily dump the production, life and construction waste.
8, sets up the professional security team, base on the base of personnel and vehicles entering into strict inspection management, each enterprise should strictly comply with the requirements of the base for vehicles and personnel in and out of the base management, staff wear label according to the rules in the chest can be in and out of the base, vehicles shall strictly implement the in and out of the examination registration system, the motor vehicle within the base according to the speed limit, vehicles parked in the designated areas as required; All enterprises must cooperate fully to maintain the base production and life safety. All accidents caused by employees not cooperating with the company shall be borne by the enterprise.
9, each enterprise in the face of the factory, the factory may not be changed without authorization of the original pattern, if you have any special needs, submit a written report after the consent of the base for modification of plant, transformation process to ensure no damage to the subject construction.
10. All enterprises shall strictly abide by the provisions of the labor law and the labor contract law to maintain and develop harmonious and stable labor relations; Each enterprise shall default employee wages, according to the provisions of the state shall pay last month salary per month, and last month's salary in about 30 real-name acceptance form base service center, to turn base management department for verification, if found to have not according to the provisions of the enterprise, the base will start the termination of the contract as stipulated in the "workshop leasing contract" legal procedures.
11. Enterprises should strengthen the safety of education to employees, prohibit illegal activities on bases and drink alcohol in the base, and no one should carry control equipment into the base.
12, the enterprise staff should attend unified organization of all kinds of training base, the legal representative or the principal person in charge to timing for al-qaeda safe working conference (base every quarter to organize a safety meeting), to comply with the requirements of the base of safety management, strictly implement the company 24 hours on duty regulation, to match the base check at night.
13, each enterprise should be in strict accordance with the special equipment operation requires the use of the elevator, prohibit manned, comply with the requirements of the base elevator use, combined with the characteristics of the electroplating enterprises elevator make protection, protection on a regular basis to test the elevator maintenance; Companies do not use the elevator during decorating load decoration materials (note: the decoration can be signed during the lift maintenance agreement for the temporary use, and put into operation formally before use the elevator long-term use of maintenance agreements should be signed, provide the enterprises open elevator application for the guarantee of the elevator to use "the elevator maintenance agreement for the temporary use of the elevator long-term use of maintenance agreement the elevator authorized the use of management contracts. The company has the responsibility and obligation to sign the "elevator maintenance contract" with the elevator company, and the maintenance costs are paid by the enterprise.
14, the enterprise shall not sublease the lease item without authorization, such as difficulties because of business truly reason need to adjust the change on behalf of the enterprise as a legal person, shall be in written form, with the approval of the base, and in accordance with the provisions, pay the company one month's rent workshop and environmental technologies and equipment use as poundage rear can change, and the new legal representative signed with base to the workshop leasing contract.
15. Enterprises must purchase plant property insurance and renew the insurance on a regular basis according to the relevant provisions of the lease contract, and the insurance beneficiary shall be the tianjin port Hong Kong electroplating enterprise management co., LTD.

(2) safety management regulations
1. Safety production management requirements
(1) enterprises must strictly abide by the law of the People's Republic of China on safe production, and accept and actively cooperate with the supervision and management of the company by tianjin binang electroplating enterprise management co., LTD.
(2) the heating device of all enterprise production lines shall be heated by steam. The steam shall be provided by the base and shall not be heated in other ways.
(3) each enterprise should be equipped with at least one holds experienced electrician electrical operation certificate, professional electrician subject to national relevant unit training and effective working certificate, ensure enterprise all electrical facilities installation no safe hidden trouble.
(4) the enterprise according to the dosage of the factory itself to set up the appropriate dosage of area and capacity is not more than 3 independent three acid, chemical raw materials warehouse, set the ventilation facilities and treated with corresponding exhaust tower, all classes acid and alkali solution may not be placed in the warehouse, warehouse personnel management.
(5) enterprises should establish and improve emergency rescue plan, carry out emergency drill regularly, strengthen security risk prevention and control, and improve the emergency rescue capability.
(6) enterprise buffer tank area should be in accordance with the requirements to build insulated building base, and make the buffer tank and pipeline anti-freezing measures, locked and unified by the personnel management, insulated building as soon as the damage should be timely maintenance.
(7) the pipeline of oil injection enterprises should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and oil pollution from overthickening.
(8) enterprise shall, in accordance with the requirements of base unified in the workplace and work post set up safety rules and regulations, safe production, occupational health, safety warning labels, safety told card, safety operation procedures such as system identification card, it is strictly prohibited to enterprise set told even hide.
(9) enterprises shall build standardized safety production and standardize production management.
2. Management requirements of dangerous chemicals
Enterprises shall strictly abide by the government's provisions concerning the purchase, use and storage of dangerous chemicals, and accept and cooperate with the management supervision of the base. Cyanide implements the unified management mode of the base. After cyanide enters the base, it will be supervised by the company of tianjin waterfront electroplating enterprise management co., LTD., which will be purchased, stored, distributed and supervised by the company.

Enterprises must strictly abide by the government's provisions concerning the purchase, use and storage of dangerous chemicals:
(1) enterprises can not purchase or use cyanide through other channels.
(2) enterprises cannot borrow, transfer, store or transport cyanide, and apply for filing with the public security organ after the base agrees.
(3) enterprises shall not dispose of the hazardous waste containing cyanide, and shall be uniformly returned to the qualified units for recycling.
(4) the enterprise shall install monitoring video in the use of cyanide, and the cylinder head shall be locked with the cyanide cylinder.
(5) the enterprises should formulate really feasible dangerous chemical drug poisoning prevention and treatment of emergency plans, equipped with specialized emergency medicine and the knowledge of first aid officials (respectively, public security and safety department is responsible for training and certification), emergency plans and the base should plan with implementation.
(6) the acid substance of the enterprise should keep the safe distance from cyanide and take the isolation measures to prevent the mixing of cyanide and acid.
(7) the enterprise shall set up the fitting room, shower room and laundry room. The employees engaged in hazardous chemicals shall be protected by personal protection and shall be flushed after work, and the clothes shall not be removed from the factory.
(8) the enterprise should develop the cyanide safety management scheme, the cyanide collection management process and the treatment of cyanide waste liquid and waste treatment.
(9) when cyanide is used, the dissolved in the plating tank shall be added in a timely manner.
(10) the enterprise shall set up the eye washer within the cyanide zone (15m).
3. Occupational health requirements
The enterprises must strictly abide by the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases, and accept and cooperate with the management and supervision of the tianjin waterfront electroplating enterprise management co., LTD in accordance with the requirements of the law.
(1) employees should wear labor protection and protective equipment when working. Labor protection products mainly include mask (activated carbon, anti-acid gas, anti-gas), eye mask, gloves, apron, rain shoes, eye washer, acid and alkali resistant clothing, etc.
(2) enterprises shall be equipped with a special drinking water tank in the enterprise to achieve one person one cabinet lock.
(3) enterprises that enter the park shall not eat or sleep in the production enterprises, and shall not bring any food into the production area, and shall not cook, drink or smoke in the enterprise.
4. Fire management requirements
Enterprises must strictly abide by the "hereby of the People's Republic of China" and "the state organs, public organizations, enterprises and institutions, the regulations on fire control safety, earnestly implement the relevant provisions, accept and cooperate with tianjin coastal port management and supervision of electroplating enterprise management co., LTD.
(1) the enterprise shall, in accordance with relevant provisions of the fire control management for the enterprise with sufficient fire extinguishers and emergency equipment, production enterprise shall set up emergency exits, and set in the corresponding area fire doors and Windows, conform to the requirements of the fire channel, to ensure that fire safety.
(2) regular fire protection knowledge training for employees to master basic fire fighting and escape knowledge.
(3) enterprises shall ensure that fire control channels, evacuation channels and safe exits are unimpeded, and any obstructions that affect evacuation are strictly prohibited, such as the use of evacuation routes or the installation of fences on safe exits or exits.
(4) enterprise fire safety evacuation marks shall be set up in accordance with the provisions of the state and emergency lighting facilities, to keep fire doors, fire shutter, fire evacuation instructions signs, emergency lighting, fire control facilities such as the mechanical smoke exhaust air supply is in normal state, and maintain regular, during production or work is prohibited from exit locked or indication to fire safety evacuation shelter or cover.
(5) enterprises shall set up good ventilation facilities and fire marks, and the gas and electrical equipment shall be prohibited from storing inflammable and explosive dangerous goods or using open fire.
(6) inflammable and explosive goods shall be stored in the warehouse that meets the design requirements and equipped with fire fighting equipment. Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods should be checked by the inspection department before entering the warehouse.
(7) it is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers inside the base.
(8) it is forbidden to use fire control facilities and enable fire control water without authorization.
5. Security management requirements
(1) base is equipped with security team to maintain the security of the normal order in the base, the enterprise shall be equipped with security forces responsible for campus security, unified standards, and equipped with at least one with the base channel intercom to match the base on duty patrol inspection.
(2) when the enterprise is not in production, two or more full-time personnel shall be placed on duty, and the list of security personnel shall be submitted to the base.
(3) prohibit enterprise personnel from fighting or drinking alcohol in the base, and prohibit personnel carrying inflammable explosive or other dangerous goods into the base.

(3) environmental management regulations
1. Environmental management and services
The enterprise must strictly abide by the environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, and accept and cooperate with the management and supervision of the tianjin waterfront plating enterprise management co., LTD.
(1) based on environmental laws, regulations, standards and environmental regulations promulgated by governments at all levels and environmental protection departments, the base shall carry out unified environmental management. Unified base for various enterprises wastewater treatment, for various enterprises to provide clean production, pollution treatment, environment accident treatment, environmental protection policy of technical advisory services, and assist the enterprises to carry out environmental declaration, acceptance and other matters related to environmental protection; In order to realize the overall improvement of the clean production level of electroplating base, achieve the emission standard of all pollutant discharge targets.
(2) after the enterprises base should consciously abide by the laws, regulations and standards, environmental protection, comply with all levels of government and various environmental regulations issued by the environmental protection department, to comply with the requirements of the plating base on management, in order to strengthen the management of electroplating production, safety, environmental protection, the implementation of cleaner production.
(3) set up a special environmental supervision team, cleaner production to electroplating enterprises, the condition of operational and sewage treatment facilities for inspection, testing, inspection and technical guidance, guarantee the specification, environmental protection measures are implemented.
(4) the base has an independent electroplating wastewater treatment plant, and the waste water that is produced by the production process of each plating enterprise shall be centralized to ensure the discharge of electroplating effluent.
(5) the base set up environmental accident emergency treatment center, in the case of environmental accidents, in the base of emergency measures, in accordance with the prescribed procedures report government emergency command mechanism, cooperate with relevant government departments to implement emergency measures. Enterprises should obey the unified command and cooperate with environmental accidents.
(6) according to the total amount control, backward, standardized management, focus on service, satisfy the principles and electroplating industry clean production standard, cleaner production audit requirements, need to cooperate with enterprises in the park base, high quality, high standard, high starting point pays special attention to the base of comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution, promote the orderly development and standardization of electroplating enterprises.
(7) the base shall notify and rectify the enterprises that violate the environmental protection regulations of the electroplating base. Include: on the base of public environment or cause harm to centralized wastewater treatment of electroplating enterprise, the base implementation of the rectification, impose fines and compensation for wastewater treatment, for the rectification is not qualified, or serious damage to the base of air environment, which cause serious damage to the centralized wastewater treatment enterprises, base in addition to the fine, will also implement to stop water supply, electricity supply, waste water treatment services, production rectification mandatory penalties, if the circumstances are serious, will be reported to the environmental protection department and related departments to deal with, for the two above rectification is not qualified, electroplating enterprises base shall have the right to terminate the workshop leasing contract of the enterprise.
2. Basic environmental management requirements
(1) enterprises should establish a standardized management system for environmental protection, establish a sound environmental responsibility system, and implement the enterprise, team and post.
(2) enterprises should establish and improve various types of account system. Each class shall record the amount of electroplating production, water consumption, hazardous chemical use, waste tank liquid collection (recycling), hazardous waste collection, environmental protection equipment operation, accident and treatment. If the waste disposal is not handled by the commission, special provisions shall be set up according to the specifications. The waste gas management table should be set up, including the operation of the exhaust tower, the state of the drug system, the operation of the fan equipment, etc. In case of production, safety and environmental protection, it is necessary to rectify the problem in time.
(3) the focus of enterprise environmental management is to strengthen the clean production management and waste water collection management, waste gas collection management and waste collection management. In the production process should be based on the principle of clean production, try to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, minimize the waste water, waste liquid, chemical raw materials, run, run, drip, leak, reduce the generation of three wastes and emissions. The operation of electroplating equipment and environmental protection facilities should be operated, and the responsibility system and the system should be implemented in the group production.
(4) the enterprise shall set up the plating production line according to the eia approval, shall not introduce or change the production line without authorization, and shall not alter electroplating and plating process without authorization. The type, quantity and concentration of the discharge of pollutants shall be reported to the base in advance.
(5) enterprise to the sudden environmental emergency plan, including build perfect personal safety equipment, chemical spills, accidents and pollution accident emergency response mechanism of emergency incidents. Carry out inspection, adjustment, maintenance and maintenance on a regular basis, and find out the potential accidents and avoid accidents. Unimpeded information channels, found emergency situations, immediately reported to the competent authority of the base, and took positive measures to control the situation, to minimize environmental impact and economic losses. Those responsible for concealment, omission and false reports shall be held accountable.
(6) to establish and perfect rules and regulations (including production, quality, technology, finance, equipment, environmental protection, labor safety, etc.), various kinds of plating due process codes or wi, main plating equipment and environmental protection facilities should be operational procedures. Electroplating operators, inspectors, quality inspectors, environmental protection equipment operators and other major employees must be trained and certified.
(7) the base management personnel shall conduct daily supervision and management of the various enterprises in the base, and the enterprises shall cooperate and provide convenience.
3. Waste water discharge management requirements
In the principle of water conservation, enterprises should eliminate the occurrence of running, running, dripping and leakage. The total amount of effluent discharge must not exceed the total amount approved by the environmental protection department.
(1) enterprises strictly comply with the classification of waste water, and the cleaning wastewater is divided into eight categories:
A. Other than oil and water (except oil, degreasing, sodium hydroxide, rinsing water after electrophoresis, coating protection with COD)
B. Cyanide waste water (alkali copper, bronze, copper tin, gold plating, silver plating and other cyanide electroplating water, use cyanide company to wash water (with cyanide recovery water)
C. Nickel containing wastewater (dumb nickel, nickel nickel, pearl nickel, nickel plating, nickel acid activation water, acid zinc nickel, post-nickel acid washing)
D. Chrome-containing wastewater (chrome coarsening, chromium plating, trivalent chromium, chromium passivation, recovery tank after chromium plating and acid activation washing)
E. Comprehensive wastewater (pyrocopper, acid copper, tin, acid galvanizing, palladium activation, acid activation of zinc electroplating after acid activation)
F. Chemical nickel wastewater (chemical nickel, alkaline zinc nickel washing water, process completed acid activation water)
G. acidic waste water (triacid pickling water, pretreatment of acid removal, acid activation, water, phosphating, deplating water (cyanide plating after acid activation water))
H. Zinc - bearing wastewater (alkaline galvanizing, water washing in the laboratory and flushing of ground water (no cyanide, chromium)
The enterprise provides a buffer tank for all kinds of discharge wastewater, and the waste water is discharged from the production line into the waste water buffer tank, and the waste water is discharged from the buffer tank to the wastewater treatment plant. Plating tank bottom tray waste water, according to the plating groove divided into the corresponding cleaning wastewater.
(2) classified collection and control of high concentration wastewater
High concentrated wastewater, water recycling tank (disposal) outsourcing concentrated acid recycling tank, water recycling tank advocates the enterprise use, cannot use water recycling tank into the high concentrated wastewater pipeline, high concentrated wastewater pipeline waste acid, acid washing, chemical nickel, nickel, zinc nickel alloy oil removal, alkaline zinc plated six kinds.
(3) collection and commission of high concentration waste liquid
The high concentration waste liquid refers to the aging tank liquor and cleaning cylinder liquid of the enterprise, which needs to be collected by enterprises.
(4) enterprise collection and discharge of waste water, high concentration wastewater and high concentration of waste liquid shall be formulated and recorded accordingly.
A. ten types of cleaning wastewater are strictly distinguished and must not be mixed with each other.
B. five types of high concentration effluent discharge, shall not be mixed into the clean waste water pipe.
C. The high concentration waste liquid needed to be scrapped shall not be entered into the base waste water collection network.
D. Ensure that waste water is discharged in the discharge of standard, and it is strictly forbidden to mix and connect the waste water, waste water directly or indirectly to the sewage system (restroom, etc.) and rainwater system.
(5) wastewater discharge:
Base on the amount of wastewater treatment plant wastewater is based on various electroplating enterprise water discharge in the eia approval limits for the overall design, each enterprise should according to the environmental protection department approval of the eia report requires strict control water consumption.

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