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Enterprises shall submit construction applications and decoration drawings to the service center.

Upon completion of the application for decoration and design drawings, the construction permit shall be applied to the port company service center before construction, and the project cycle plan shall be indicated in the construction permit.
After the construction permit is dealt with, the construction can be carried out.
Marina port company for electricity, water, equipment, technology and civil engineering decoration management set up a special "decorate management team", during the period of construction management personnel shall have the right to access to the construction site for checking and supervision. Decoration enterprises and construction units must construct and decorate according to the drawings. The management shall have the right to terminate the enterprise construction without the construction of the drawing. The port company shall have the right to punish the damage caused by the destruction of the main body of the building by changing or destroying the original construction or fire control facilities of our company. List and contact details of the decoration team. Please contact the relevant personnel if necessary.

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