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1. The safety outlet of the plant should be dispersed, each floor of each fire zone and fire zone, and the horizontal distance between the nearest edge of the two adjacent safety exits should not be less than 5.0 m.

2 evacuation stairs, corridor, door of the premises, the number of their total net width should be according to the evacuation, but ladders the minimum net width of not less than 1.1 m, evacuation aisle the minimum net width of not less than 1.4 m, the minimum net width of the door is not less than 0.9 m.
3. The number of safe exits shall be determined by calculation and shall not be less than 2 per floor of each fire zone and fire zone in the workshop.
4. Staircases and staircases are not suitable for spiral staircases and fan-shaped steps.
5. The evacuation door of the workshop should be opened in the direction of evacuation.
6. The door for evacuation of the workshop should be closed fire door, which is in line with the specific requirements of fire fighting.
7. Safety exit indicator light must be installed above the safe exit and exit door to be marked as an evacuation indicator. Fire extinguisher configuration should accord with the requirement of fire laws and regulations, namely every 72 square meters, equipped with two 4 kg portable fire extinguisher each exit must be equipped with a hand push type 35 kg dry powder fire extinguishers and five fire self-help respirator filter type.
8, along the evacuation aisle set indication lights of evacuation, should be set in evacuation aisle and corner on high from the ground 1.0 m below the metope, evacuation marks spacing and lights should not be more than 20.0 meters; For bag walks, no more than 10.0 meters; In the corner area of the corridor, it should not be more than 1.0 meters; The installation height of the emergency lamp shall be 2.5 meters to 3 meters, and the spacing shall not be greater than 20 meters. The indication shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national standard for fire safety labeling (gb134995-92).
9. Sanic acid, chemical raw material warehouse door should be set fire door, window glass adopt fireproof glass.

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