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In order to ensure the plating base plating enterprise healthy and orderly development, promote the upgrading of industrial structure, in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations, electroplating industry clean production standard (HJ/T314-2006) and the electroplating industry standard conditions (as of November 1, 2015) of the conditions and requirements, in accordance with good industrial structure adjustment, orderly competition, reducing energy consumption, recycling, environmental protection and the principle of safety in production, to develop tianjin port of electroplating industry base enterprises into the parks conditions.

Ⅰ. general requirements
1. The company shall establish an environmental management system to achieve the level of cleaner production level above level 2 and pass the clean production audit.
2. The emission standards and disposal measures of all kinds of pollutants (waste gas, waste water, solid waste and factory noise) shall conform to the environmental standards of the state, local and industrial parks.
3. The environmental protection facilities of enterprises entering the park must be designed, constructed and put into operation simultaneously with the main project, and can be officially put into production after the completion of environmental acceptance of environmental protection.
4. The enterprise must submit all kinds of detailed process technology, waste gas treatment plan and other relevant materials to the base service center (hereinafter referred to as the service center) according to the requirements.
5. The enterprise must be equipped with full-time personnel to implement environmental management, and submit to the daily management and emergency command of the management department of the park.
6. Enterprises entering the park must accept reasonable supervision and management by the management department of the park.

Ⅱ. Scale, process and equipment of the enterprise
1. The scale of the plating enterprise must meet one of the following conditions:
(1) the production value of electroplating production is over 20 million yuan.
(2) the output value of the unit operation area is not less than 15,000 yuan per square meter.
2, companies choose low pollution, low emissions, low energy consumption and low water consumption, economic and efficient cleaner production process, promote the use of the national key industries cleaner production technical guidance catalogue of the mature technology.
3. Single, continuous production of electroplating enterprises require automatic production line and semi-automatic production line up to 70%.
4. The production area is embalmed, anti-seepage and antiseptic, and the production line has a tank for collecting the liquid and cleaning fluid.
5, build new (enlarge) project production line equipped with multistage countercurrent rinsing and spray bath water saving device and recovery unit, tank, tank, pipe, based on the principles of "visual and controllable" decorate, and is equipped with the appropriate protective measures such as resistance, corrosion resistance.
6, new (expanding) built electroplating project according to the processing of parts type, quantity, etc is preferred to choose efficient low consumption continuous processing equipment, and achieve Ⅱ in electroplating industry clean production standard level indicators above.
7. At least one floor of factory should be rented, and no sublease or "factory" phenomenon can be found.
8. The overall orientation of electroplating technology is to adopt the production process of free of cyanide, fluorine or low fluorine, low concentration, low energy consumption and less complexing agent. Eliminate heavy polluting chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury. Special requirements for special products may be considered separately.
It is recommended to use potassium chloride galvanizing process, low hexavalent chromium plating and no hexavalent chromium passivation technology, galvanized nickel alloy technology and other cleaning production process.
The backward technology required by the environmental protection agency, such as cyanide galvanizing process, high hexavalent chromium passivation, electroplate and lead tin alloy, etc. Eliminating the use of heavy polluting chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury; It is forbidden to use tea seed powder, kerosene, trichloroethylene, chloroform, benzene series and other backward and toxic chemical raw materials.
11. Aluminum oxide should adopt advanced technology such as electric throwing, and three acidification technology is prohibited.
12. The products are recommended to be refunded by electrolysis, and the plating process of nitric acid is forbidden.
13. According to the process, choose the way of washing, spraying, multi-stage countercurrent rinse, recovery or groove processing. Above recommended levels of intermittent countercurrent washing and set the recycling tank, applicable spray and spray cleaning electroplating line as far as possible for more than three spray intermittent countercurrent washing or spray intermittent countercurrent washing, reduce the wash water electroplating, in reducing the pollution source.
14. There is no "running, running, dripping, leakage" phenomenon in production equipment, and there are reliable preventive measures.
15. The noise, waste gas and solid waste generated during the production process shall meet the relevant requirements of the state and the environmental protection industry. The waste water generated from the production shall meet the relevant regulations of the park.
16. The enterprise shall be prohibited from using the front-end polishing facilities, and the post-end scavenging process shall be provided with the corresponding cleaning protection measures and after the inspection of the park. The plating bath fluid (including but not limited to plating bath) is used to heat the base steam, and no other heating methods are allowed.

Ⅲ. Resource consumption
1. Electroplating enterprises (other than hot dip plating enterprises) have heavy metals and water resources recycling facilities.
(1) copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating and other heavy metal production lines shall be equipped with the recovery facilities, such as liquid recycling tanks.
(2) the product of the electroplating enterprise shall be no more than 0.04 tons/m2 of water for each cleaning, and the reuse rate of water is above 30%.
2. Hot dip plating enterprise
(1) the zinc pot is heated by electricity and steam clean energy.
(2) fresh water consumption of existing enterprises should be less than 0.2 tons/ton products, and new enterprises should be less than 0.1 tons/ton products.
(3) the utilization rate of zinc in existing enterprises should be higher than 70%, and the effective utilization rate of zinc in newly-built enterprises should be higher than 75%.
(4) existing enterprises should consume less than 30kg/ton of products and the new enterprise should consume less than 25 kg/ton of products.
3. The company needs to make full use of water resources. According to the requirements of the environmental protection office of tianjin, the amount of water used by the production enterprises in the base shall account for more than 50% of the total production water consumption.

Ⅳ.Environmental protection
1. Enterprises comply with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, obtain emission permits in accordance with the law, and discharge pollutants according to the requirements of emission permits; Conduct regular cleaning production audit and pass assessment and acceptance.
2. Enterprises have waste gas purification devices, which meet the emission standards of national or local air pollutants.
3, enterprises of hazardous waste in accordance with "the national hazardous waste list" and the storage of hazardous waste pollution control standard (GB18597), set up the specification of classified collection containers to carry on the classified collection, and in accordance with the "measures for the management of hazardous waste transfer" requirement, to have an aptitude for disposal of hazardous waste related institutions disposal, encourage enterprises or institutions of hazardous waste treatment, resource recycling and reusing

Ⅴ.Safety, occupational health
Enterprises must abide by laws and regulations such as the law on safe production of the People's Republic of China and the law on the prevention of occupational diseases of the People's Republic of China, and have a sound safety production and occupational health management system. To have the safety production and occupational health protection conditions stipulated by relevant laws, administrative regulations and national standards or industry standards.

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